MetroSouth House Call

In this episode of MetroSouth House Call, Greg talks with Dr. Eric Nussbaum and RN Sue Schaller from MetroSouth Medical Center in Blue Island, Illinois. September, 2012

Nationally Televised Broadcast Profiling the ECPS / EmpowerSystems / MetroSouth Partnership

MetroSouth Medical Center is one of a growing number of U.S. hospitals embracing innovative techniques and technologies to deliver enhanced patient care. MetroSouth CEO, Dr. Enrique Beckmann, and ECPS™ President, Dr. Seth Guterman, have built a visionary partnership by leveraging the advanced clinical documentation technology of the empowerInpatient+Ambulatory Electronic Health Record.

The ECPS/MetroSouth Medical Center has produced tangible results in the Emergency Department, and hospital-wide. In addition to providing advanced medical care, MSMC was one of the first 40 hospitals in the country to successfully attest for CMS Stimulus Incentives as part of the ARRA/HITECH Act of 2010. This milestone was supported by the commitment of ECPS physicians an nurses to providing the highest quality medical care possible.