It is our duty to care for the patient—our customer—in his or her time of need, with compassion and empathy.  It is our hope that not a single patient will have a negative experience in any of our emergency departments. We believe that the occurrence of one such experience will prevent at least ten other patients from entering our ED.  

Because each ECPS member’s compensation is directly linked to patient care, each member controls his or her professional destiny, ensuring that patient satisfaction is achieved.
ECPS recognizes that by providing emergency department services, the EM physicians and ED staff must be under the same administrative umbrella in order to give all staff members equal incentives to provide expedient, high quality, customer service-oriented emergency medical care. The ECPS umbrella specializes in four EM areas that affect patient flow: physician, nursing, documentation, and consulting services. Professional service agreements can be arranged with one or multiple services.

Mission Statement

Emergency Care Physician Services (ECPS) is structured to be a physician-owned group of democratically and financially equitable partners who provide professional emergency physician services to emergency departments. The group’s dynamics are specifically designed to offer emergency medical care and to facilitate a team-driven, problem-solving approach between board certified EM physicians, ED staff, and hospital administrators.


To provide expedient, high quality emergency medical care as our primary responsibility in order to improve:

To provide a customer-service approach to medical care:

To provide cost-effective medical care without compromising the well-being of the patient.

To organize and implement Continuing Medical Education (CME) for ED and hospital staff.

To interact and integrate professionally and socially with our medical staff colleagues and to create a reputation for ED staff as “customer service-oriented problem solvers” within the hospital and its community.

To become actively involved with the hospital in promoting and marketing the ED to the surrounding community and businesses.