Emergency Care Consulting Services (ECCS) assists hospitals in marketing their Emergency Departments to the local community. Board certified EM physicians have unique skills and specialized services that can directly assist, such as:

We have more pain medicine than you have pain.

Examples of Press Releases Week #1

In an effort to integrate with the local community, the new hospital emergency department is sending the following information to all area nursing homes and churches to inform you of several exciting medical breakthroughs.  The new hospital now offers the latest medical technology in life saving treatments for strokes. This new medicine is called TPA and can completely resolve and/or minimize stroke symptoms.  If you experience stroke symptoms—which include headache, dizziness, numbness, slurred speech, difficulty walking, vision problems, vomiting, and confusion—you must get to the emergency room as quickly as possible. It is imperative that you are evaluated within the first one to two hours of the onset of the symptoms, both for diagnostic purposes and to determine if you are a candidate for TPA. Please remember that the new  hospital can save your life. There is now a chance for full recovery from strokes with this life saving medicine offered at the new Hospital.