CMS Confirms EDIS Products Qualify for Stage 1 MU Attestation

As recently announced, a Tennessee-based Emergency Department became the first hospital in the nation to utilize an EDIS (Emergency Department Information System) to successfully qualify for CMS stimulus payments. Under the guidelines of the HITECH Act, hospitals have the option of attesting for Meaningful Use with clinical data from an EDIS, as long as it is Certified as a Comprehensive EHR. This means Emergency Departments can now successfully attest for Stage 1 of Meaningful Use without their entire Inpatient facility utilizing an ONC Certified Comprehensive EHR.

Because Empower SystemsTM is an ONC Certified Complete EHR, the clear benefit of this for empowerEDTM partners is the ability to receive our most advanced EDIS product and attest for $100K-$1 Million or more in CMS stimulus payments, based upon patient volume (“All ED Visits” method of measurement). As previously announced, an empowerEDTM facility in the Chicago Metro Area secured $8 Million in CMS payments over 4 years, with $2.25 Million received only 6 weeks after attestation. They generated MUAM reporting data based on 90 days usage of Empower’s ONC Certified EHR; this goal is attainable by virtually all Empower client partners.

We are confident that the comparatively low cost to implement our ONC Certified empowerEDTM product with its advanced functionality (Documentation + Reporting) and the stimulus revenue potential makes this an opportune time to make your Emergency Department an event greater revenue center for your facility.

If you would like your hospital to complete the 1st year of Attestation and receive CMS Stimulus Incentives using only ED data, contact us directly to work through the details and be provided with a strategy specific to your Emergency Department.