AMA Offers Warning on eRx Deadline

By Joseph Conn
Source: Modern Healthcare

Physicians and other eligible professionals have less than two months left to either report to Medicare that they’ve written at least 10 electronic prescriptions or apply for a hardship exemption, the American Medical Association’s immediate past president, Dr. Cecil Wilson, warned Friday.

Doctors who don’t meet the June 30 e-prescribing deadline face a 1.5% reduction in claims off the Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule for 2013.

“While we do not think physicians are being given enough time to comply with the Medicare e-prescribing program, we want to make them aware of the upcoming e-prescribing deadline so they can take steps now to prevent being hit with the 2013 penalty,” Wilson said in an AMA news release.

The AMA has published a three-page guide (PDF) on how to avoid the penalty by either complying with the e-prescribing reporting requirements or applying for a hardship exemption. Grounds for exemption include practicing in an area in which high-speed Internet access is unavailable and working with local pharmacies that are not capable of handling electronic prescriptions.

A total of 65,857 physicians and other eligible professionals and 18,713 group practices earned nearly $271 million in e-prescribing incentive payments under Medicare in 2010, according to a report released in April (PDF) by the CMS.

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